STRATO®: Interior Textured Paint

Strato® textured wall finishes. Several textures and colors are available. – Cement Texture Effect, Velours, Satin, Cashmere, and Taffeta.

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KASTPANEL: Concrete Effect Wall Panel

The KASTPANEL Collection features pre-cast concrete effect panels in a variety of shades, sizes & patterns. Each piece is uniquely crafted to truly reflect the authentic feel and appearance of real, pre-cast cement.  KASTPANELs are also light and compact in nature, rendering them easily transportable and installable.

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Monokrete: Exterior Cement Texture Paint

Monokrete: Exterior Cement Textured Paint

Monokrete provides different shades of cement for exterior space. The texture paint also include multiple color options and is easy to install to suit your design preferences.

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Suzuka® Modena Coating

Suzuka® Modena Coating is a decorative plaster product adopting ceramic color sands and high-tech resin providing seamless coating of a wide range of textures. Use different tools to create different styles from industrial, scandinavian to classic european.

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Suzuka® Textured Coating

Create iconic and durable finishes at an affordable price.
Premium looks – such as concrete, granite and ceramic styles – can be customized to complement your specific needs. Each features high resistance against dust, stains, UV light, chemical corrosion and rough weather conditions.

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SUZUKA® Trowel Wall and Floor: Pebble Stone Coating

Suitable for both wall and floor surfaces, the Suzuka® Trowel Stone’s excellent formula offers resistance against weather and chemicals, UV rays, pollution, fungus, mold and algae, while also being slip resistant. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor surfaces.

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